Our Project in ABS EQ56 (Z35) steel plate

Author:Forward steel Time:2014-10-27

2011 years New project in Ship for Singapore.
A.      Applicable scope
The technology conditions apply to AB/EQ56 (Z35) steel plate which the thickness is not more than 100mm..
B.      Size, outline and weight are allowed exist deviation.
1.       The tolerance of thickness should accord with ABS’s stipulations, that the thickness of the limit negative
deviation is -0.33
2. The other size, outline, weight and allowable deviation of steel plates should accord with ABS’s stipulations.
C. Technical requirements
1. Chemical composition (Heat analysis)
The chemical composition (heat analysis) should be accordance with table 1
Steel Grade C Si Mn P S N





  Attention: According to analysis the gas of finished furnace[N]≤200ppm
2.Smelting process: The steel is fine grain calm steel from electric furnace and LF/VD
3. Delivery condition: quenched and tempered
4. Mechanical properties
The results of mechanical testing should be accordance with table2
Steel Grade Rp0.2,MPa Rm , MPa A,% -40℃ Akv , landscape orientation (ClassZ35)Z,%
AB/EQ56(Z35) ≥550 670-835 ≥16 ≥37∫ ≥35
Attention:  Elongation rate
5. Surface quality should accord with ABS’s stipulations
6. Ultrasonic test
The results of ultrasonic test should be accordance with Class C in ASTM A578
D. Inspection rules, inspection items and experimental methods
1. The steels should make heat treatment one by one for inspecting it’s mechanical property
2. The inspection items, sampling number , inspection and experimental methods should comply with table3

Number Inspection items orientation Sampling number Experimental methods
1 Stretch Landscape 1 ABS
2 impulsion Landscape 3 ABS
3 Gas / 1 GB/T14265
4 Thickness tensile Thicknese Z 3 GB5313

3. The retest of inspection items should comply with ABS
E. The mechanical inspection of steel plates should be authenticated by ABS
F. Mark and quality certificate
1. The technical conditions of mark and quality certificate should be ABS
2. The quality certificate should comply with the stipulations of 3.2  type  in  EN10204:.

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